„Imaging you are dancing.“

Visualise yourself in your favourite Nottingham club. Down here the night is in full swing, you are unaware of the birds chirping in the crack of dawn outside. The moment you catch her eyes through the crowd and notice her approaching you slowly but determined, you embrace the soundtrack underlining this perfect moment:


This Band’s sound demands you to stop what you’re doing and move. To lose yourself in the synthesiser induced tranquility inspired by the great bands of the 80’s that form the essence of Paradise June.
Popular media praise this band’s making as “Independent Pop with a British Accent”, while the musicians themselves are best described to be as “inapproachable and impulsive” as the music they produce.
A statement that brings forth infrequently seen smirks on Sandro, Leo and Phil’s faces, while they absent-mindedly consider the unique experiences they made in London. Experiences that were later eternalised track for track.

A distinctive mixture of catchy hooks and vibrant beats, made for people with an affinity for puristic vibes and the desire to experience music, as opposed to just listening to it.

PARADISE JUNE had the chance to play on big stages with Seed (GER) and Bosse (GER) and the opportunity to play a support show for Christina Stürmer (AT).
In 2015 the band set more milestones: The release of their first single “Nottingham Girl”, their first music video and the achievement to play at the “Play Live” quarter-finals. The release of their first EP “City Lights” was just one of many goals for the year 2016.

Above all of this stands their credo:

„You keep on taking the dancefloor.“


Next Gigs

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Past gigs
DateLocationInformation / Link
18.06.2016KarlsruheMashody Festival
15.08.2015Frankfurt am MainKonJuKu Festival
11.07.2015StuttgartLichterfest - DAS DING Bühne
04.07.2015RastattStorm The Gates Open Air
21.06.2015Stuttgart LKA LonghornPlay Live Festival
20.02.2015KarlsruheDie Stadtmitte
17.10.2014MünchenSPH Bandcontest
12.10.2014KarlsruheH&M Menstore
25.07.2014Herrenberg48er Festival
17.05.2014Herrenberg3 Gigs For Free
16.05.2014KarlsruheSPH Bandcontest
08.02.2014KarlsruheSPH Bandcontest
01.02.2014Sindelfingen3 Gigs For Free
30.11.2013GaggenauFesthalle - Bad Rotenfels
26.10.2013RastattBadner Halle - Support "Christina Stürmer"
20.07.2013KarlsruheDas Fest - Hauptbühne
15.06.2013EttlingenRock in der Kaserne
12.01.2013KarlsruheSubstage new.bands.festival

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